1. Ellen Ripley late night doodle. Ink on Bristol.

  2. systemrider, asked a question:

    Why thank you! It’s a comic that will be in Dark Horse Presents later this year, and hopefully as a couple of mini series afterwards. I love drawing the character, so I can’t wait for the book to come out and share him with the world. If you’re jonesing for my work in the meantime, check out Light Years Awaya webcomic by myself and my Cyphus Batson collaborator, Ethan Ede. It’s a little more rudimentary art wise than my print stuff, but it is still a great read.


  3. Cyphus Batson is a Real Bastard

    Cyphus Batson is a Real Bastard

  4. I’ve opened a storefront for my prints! Cover the holes you’ve punched in your walls with beautiful art! http://arosenlund.bigcartel.com/ More to come soon, so share with all of your friends and friend-like carbon-based life forms!

  5. joekeatinge:

    Today sees the release of the first of four quarterly Vertigo CMYK anthologies. It has a Cyan cover.

    The issue is advertised as featuring a collaboration between Ken Garing and me, with me on story and Ken on art, but there’s an issue with this and I felt the need to make it clear.
    The story as published does not entirely reflect what we conceived and I originally wrote.

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    I usually don’t reblog on this site, which I’d rather be used purely as a showcase for projects I’ve been working on. But as a comics creator, I think this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

    Yesterday, DC Comics released a quarterly anthology through their Vertigo imprint titled (appropriately enough) Vertigo Quarterly CMYK. It looked to be a great book with great talent attached doing their own thing, so I was excited to give it a read. One of the stories contained within is 918, a solid science fiction short written by Joe Keatinge and illustrated by Ken Garing. It was an enjoyable tale about a dude having a drug-fueled existential crisis aboard a space station. Cool stuff.

    Just one problem: the story as it appeared wasn’t the one submitted by Keatinge for the anthology.

    Edits in this business are a given, and in a lot of cases a necessity. Editors provide outside perspective and help sharpen a project into something better than it was before. They’re a voice of reason and a good sounding board for creators like myself when we’re so married to a concept or approach that we can’t see its faults. That wasn’t the issue here, and even Keatinge himself was open to the idea that perhaps the story did work better with the edits made to it. The issue was how these edits were presented to Keatinge. As he explains:

    The story Ken and I conceived together, which I scripted, ended up coming back in a proof PDF where — despite Ken’s art looking even better than ever — our story and my dialog were drastically altered, specifically our ending. We were told by editorial that it was locked in and set for publication without further explanation as to what happened or why. 

    When edits are requested to my work, I expect to be given the opportunity to discuss the changes with my editor and make those changes myself so that the tone of the work is consistent. I’d be more understanding of the way DC handled this if it were a work-for-hire situation because they own those characters and are responsible for maintaining consistency across their entire line, but this is a creator-owned short story in a Vertigo anthology. The entire point of these stories is to get an unfettered taste of a creator’s imagination. The idea of making deep changes to these stories without the writer’s knowledge, then dumping a proof on them with the caveat that it is a press-final version that can’t have further changes made to it is absurd. This is their story. This isn’t Superman Goes Bananas or Wonder Woman VS The Knife-Wielding Mafia Ghosts, so at least give them the opportunity to edit their own work before pushing it out the door.

    When the book came out, Keatinge took to tumblr to distance himself from the final product. Not as a mark of quality, but simply to inform people that follow his work that large portions of it were rewritten and edited without his knowledge or input, and he didn’t feel comfortable having his name on something he didn’t feel was his. He was very even handed and matter-of-fact with his telling of events, and didn’t place blame or take an aggressive tone in his post. However, when he posted the link to that story on twitter, Vertigo editor Will Dennis chastized him for speaking up about his issues with how the situation was handled:

    The continued exchange had Dennis accusing Keatinge of rallying against the “evil empire” and not telling both sides of the story, despite Keatinge’s even handed account.

    Now, I’m all for hearing the other side of this story. But that is most likely never to come. DC has a horrible track record in recent years when it comes to editing content without their creator’s knowledge or input, and an even worse one when it comes to transparency about their editorial process. If they won’t even tell their own talent pool why they make their decisions, they sure as hell aren’t going to tell us. The only thing we have to go on is what the writer tells us, the manner in which they tell us, and precedent of DC’s actions in the past. In all these cases, it is rather damning against their editorial policy and how they communicate with the people that create their books in the first place.

    The situation is unfortunate enough without having an editor drop in and wag their finger at Keatinge for leveling with his fans and keeping it honest about the content they’re reading that has his name attached to it. All you have as a creator, be it writer or artist, is your name and your work that is attached to that name. When that work comes out in a state that is not of your own doing, you should not feel obligated to stay silent about the matter. You should never feel pressured to keep your name on a project that was edited beyond your original intent. And to tell Keatinge that he’s being unprofessional, despite the fact that they changed his work and didn’t even inform him about it until it was already off to the printers? That’s incredibly hypocritical, and a clear sign that DC needs to rethink their approach in how they deal with the people that work for them.

    If even a creator-owned short story can’t wind its way through the cogs of that machine unmolested, or at the very least with changes made by the original creator through a healthy editorial process, then there is a problem. And the problem isn’t Joe Keatinge.

  6. How Not to Piss Off Your Bartender/Server. 11” x 14”, Mixed Media. How Not to Piss Off Your Bartender/Server. 11” x 14”, Mixed Media.
    How Not to Piss Off Your Bartender/Server. 11” x 14”, Mixed Media. How Not to Piss Off Your Bartender/Server. 11” x 14”, Mixed Media.

    How Not to Piss Off Your Bartender/Server. 11” x 14”, Mixed Media.

  7. Misery Signals | Discography Box Set - Mixed Media, 2013. Misery Signals | Discography Box Set - Mixed Media, 2013.
    Misery Signals | Discography Box Set - Mixed Media, 2013. Misery Signals | Discography Box Set - Mixed Media, 2013.
    Misery Signals | Discography Box Set - Mixed Media, 2013. Misery Signals | Discography Box Set - Mixed Media, 2013.
    Misery Signals | Discography Box Set - Mixed Media, 2013. Misery Signals | Discography Box Set - Mixed Media, 2013.
    Misery Signals | Discography Box Set - Mixed Media, 2013. Misery Signals | Discography Box Set - Mixed Media, 2013.

    Misery Signals | Discography Box Set - Mixed Media, 2013.

  8. prtejeda:

    Short Story, some time ago I used to get a lot of original art and asked arosenlund to make me a dope piece of Captain America giving dap to Tu Pac. 

    If my house caught on fire, i would save my family, my shield and this picture and the other picture he did for me in that order. 

    People always are kind of thrown off by it because it’s pretty fucking awesome and not something you would expect on a wall in anyone’s home.

    However, my daughter as she has gotten older has started asking questions about this picture.

    She knows Captain America, he’s in stuff and we got tons of paraphernalia. Like we buy tons of boy’s stuff for her cause Marvel Licensees think little girls don’t want Marvel shit.

    But Pac… right now he’s just Captain’s friend. Or as Esme likes to call him “his besttt friend”. She may even have suggest they get married, because that’s what best friends like Mommy and Daddy did. This evening she asked me what his super power was and I just balked her.

    I’m probably gonna have to invent a whole origin and power set pretty soon. 

    She’s probably going to be super pissed in 10 years.

    Probably the greatest story I’ve ever read about something I’ve drawn for someone. You tend to create these things in a vacuum and once they’re off to their new home, it’s on to the next thing. You never think about someone growing up with it as an integral part of their formative years; an anchor that will remind them of a time when their perception of the world barely extended out of the home and neighborhood in which they lived.

    Pretty incredible to think about, so thanks to Pedro (and Esme) for reminding me about one of the best reasons that I do what I do. Coming off of nearly two months of incapacitation, it’s a real shot in the arm.

  9. Cyphus Batson, maximum relaxin’.

  10. You’re all heart.

  11. Always Horned, Never Scorned.

  12. 0x0000000A - 20x30 inches. Gouache, Ink and Acrylic on Cold Press Arches Board. 2013.

  13. tony0h, asked a question:

    More coming for sure! We’re in the thick of a project for Dark Horse Comics at the moment, but we’ve got a little bundle of pages for LYA that we’re sitting on. As soon as we get a full scene finished for book 2, we’ll throw it up on the site and get the word out. I know it’s been a painful hiatus while we pursue other projects, so thanks for maintaining interest! I promise it will be worth the wait.

  14. BATHS Gig Poster - 8x16 - 3-Color Screen Print on French Paper


    24x24 inches - Mixed Media

    Guess the cat’s out of the bag on this one! More Misery Signals goodness to come in the next few months.